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Cleveland restaurant gets stuck with bill, no aid from city

The Anthony Sowell home is long gone, just a bad memory here on Imperial Avenue but its effects remain. 

Particularly on Ray's Sausage, one of the few businesses in the area providing jobs.

Ray's, with its 11 employees, operates out of the same tiny space it has been in for 61 years.  Three generations have run the place, cooking thousands of pounds of sausage and its specialty, souse meat, every week. 

The meat is seasoned with a mix that is a long held family recipe.  The recipe that has been passed down is top secret like Colonel Sanders'.

Ray's is bursting at the seams and is hoping to expand. 

During the Sowell mess, Mayor Jackson visited the plant hoping to help. 

The agenda was to find a new location and get payback for money Ray's was forced to spend on city ordered, unneeded, sewer repairs. 

So far there has been no help from City Hall on either score and without the city, banks won't help either.

The family says that they really need help with dealing with the aftermath of the over $80,000 expense.

A Travel Channel TV show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman will feature Ray's Souse Meat tonight.  It could help but without more space, making more souse is impossible so.

The business owners said that they are thinking about leaving Cleveland.

It seems inexplicable that the city wouldn't do more to help Ray's.  Until it does it hasn't done all it can to erase Anthony Sowell's harm to the city. 

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