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Thursday the new Black Friday? Stores open early for holiday sales


Turkey day has come and gone and it's that time of year where shoppers are searching for those Christmas deals, but are some stores making Thursday the new Black Friday?

Nancy Hilburn, Kohl's store manager, says that lines started forming around 6 a.m. Shoppers waited a full two hours before her store opened on Thanksgiving Day.

"They were ready for some of our big items and I think they really appreciate the fact that we opened early," Hilburn said.

Opening early could be a convenience for some shoppers, especially for those with hectic work schedules, but some shoppers weren't open to the idea.

"I wish they'd stuck with opening early in the morning on Friday," Laura Monroe said.

Monroe is part of the group that hits the Black Friday Sales every year, but this year she was looking forward to the normal tradition of stores opening on Black Friday.

"It's just fun to get up and hang out together, kinda tag team and make sure we all get what we came out after," Monroe said.

When you consider that some stores make as much as 25 percent of their yearly earnings from the holiday shopping season, it's really no surprise they have to continually out do themselves year after year.

"Sacrificing part of a holiday was worth it for the store," Hilburn said.

Spend or not to spend is the question and whether you start on Thursday or Friday -- the Black Friday experience, for some, is just part of the holidays.

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