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Savannah stores slammed on Thanksgiving


On a day we typically relax with family, friends and a big feast, many bargain-hunters have been shopping since daybreak on Thanksgiving.

Many were still at it as midnight approached.

Nearly every major retailer opened for big sales Thanksgiving Day.

One of the longest lines in Savannah was at Best Buy. But when the doors opened at 6 p.m., there was no shoving, no fighting. 

"These people over here just gave us this TV because they weren't going to buy it, so it's pretty exciting stuff happening here at Best Buy," shopper Jade Johansen said.

Hours in line were productive for shopper Maurice Pierce.

"I think the best thing about this whole Black Friday thing is that I met two new people, so I have two new friends," he said.

But waiting is hard work. Just ask Ally Paige and Jon McQueen, first in line at Target and shopping for a 50-inch TV, on sale for $229. WTOC caught up with them moments before the doors open.

Paige said she was excited. But McQueen was just ready to find a bathroom.

Paige and McQueen got their TV, and so did the Harville sisters. The two oldest got a television each. As for the youngest…

"I'm the mule," Amber Harville said.

For many stores, like Belk, it was the first year opening on Thanksgiving Day.

"Being family owned, we really had to think through that this is what we want to do," Belk Manager Mark Sonenshein said. "Very difficult for our associates, but it was something that our customers really demanded last year."

But this year, the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one week shorter. Black Friday, and Black Thursday, are more important than ever to retailers.

But for one little boy WTOC caught up with, the weeks can't go by fast enough. He's trying to talk his mother into letting him play with the video game console she picked up at Best Buy Thursday night.

"I already know what I'm going to get for Christmas on this, so it's not going to be much of a surprise," Jared, 7, said.

For others, the shopping frenzy was not about doorbuster deals but spending the day with loved ones.

"I'm really just looking for stuffs that's cool or on sale, I mean this is our little adventure. We aren't out to land the cheapest x, y, or z. We are just out to have fun. It's our little adventure. And the kids are at home!" Said Samantha Carrol, a shopper at Best Buy on Friday morning.

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