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Woman looks for owner of lost ring


She's been looking for the ring's owner for more than two decades. Faith Strommer found a ring that says United States Air Force when she was moving 20 years ago.

But after two decades of no luck, she turned to 12 for help.

It's a silver colored ring with a blue stone. The words United States Air Force circle the stone. On the inside is the word "ALPHA" and an "R" inside a circle, next to the letters C:C.  It also appears to be about a size 6.

Faith Strommer only knows the ring's history back about 20 years. She was living in the Harbour East mobile home park in Chesterfield. As she was moving out to the country, she was removing some plants from the yard.

"It was like sunny I think that day and the sapphire in it!" said Strommer. "And I said Dave, look what I found!  It was really dirty, so I didn't really think much about it. I just stuck it in my pocket."

But after cleaning it, Faith realized the ring was something special. That whoever wore it might have served our country.

"I just couldn't bring it to myself to throw it away or you know, give it to somebody else," said Strommer. "So, I just stuck it in my jewelry box and every time I went to clean my jewelry box it was right there, you know? I said man! I gotta do something with this ring."

"I've really been thinking about it quite a bit because of the holidays and stuff you know," she said. "Because there's so much depression during the holidays. Can you imagine what it would be if somebody actually wanted that ring and it belonged to them?"

Faith says she is so thankful to all who serve our country. She hopes on this day of Thanksgiving blessings, the people watching NBC12 News might be able to help her return it to its owner.

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