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Silvertron Cafe's Sabayon

Silvertron Cafe's Sabayon

From noon cooking on Nov. 27, 2013



4 egg yolks

3 oz sugar

2 oz of moscato wine or Marsala (not necessary is you are planning to serve the sabayon to people under age)


Place the egg yolks in a metal bowl, add the sugar and whisk it (you can you a electric mixer) until all ingredients are well mix in and the result is a fluffier cream.

At that point slowly pour the wine in it, keep whisking it.

Once the wine is add it, place the bowl on top of a pot with gently boiling water in it. Be aware, that the water doesn't touch the bowl. Keep whisk it the cream for approximately 10 minutes (or until the temperature is 165 degrees.

Remove it from the heat and serve immediately. You can also serve frozen, which at that, once you remove it from the heat, put the bowl in ice and whisk for few minutes. Once cool, put it in cups and place it in freezer.

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