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Jackson Co. considers lodging taxes increase

Matthew Hodges is the Jackson County Commission Chairman. Matthew Hodges is the Jackson County Commission Chairman.

The Jackson County Commission is considering a flat $0.50 increase in lodging taxes.

The commission is facing a two million dollar funding shortage this year. The commission chairman said they've cut a million dollars from the budget already.

Now the commission is looking at ways of raising money to balance the last million.

County Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges hopes the county can get some money from the lodging taxes raised. Currently, 12 percent is collected along with a $1 surcharge.

Hodges said none of that money comes to the Jackson County Commission, so he's hoping a $0.50 increase will bring in approximately fifty thousand dollars. He admitted that's a far cry needed to balance their budget, but he feels it's a small step that won't cause a lot of pain for hotel guests.

The hope, Hodges said, is there will be increased revenue to the county over time. "Our goal as a county is to get the situation financially solvent and get us in a very good situation financially so that we can start investing back in the county," Hodges said. "And of course when we invest in the county, we see property taxes rise because people are building homes or are doing different things. We see sales taxes go up."

Hodges expects the issue to be discussed at their next workshop meeting, which is scheduled for Dec. 2.

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