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Bullets found on Hanover County elementary school bus


The Hanover County Sheriff's Office is investigating two incidents on an elementary school bus where bullets were found.

According to officers on Monday, November 18 a student found a .22 caliber bullet on the floor of the bus and gave it to the driver. The driver then contacted the school administration, which contacted police.

Investigators quickly determined that there was no immediate threat to students, so school administrators say, parents were not informed.

On Friday morning, after students were dropped off at Cold Harbor Elementary police say, the bus driver did a sweep of the vehicle and found another bullet wedged in a seat. The bullet was from the same manufacturer and was again, a .22 caliber bullet from a rifle. 

Officers say, they have identified that one of the older elementary school students may have inadvertently left the bullets behind by wearing the same clothes he wore hunting to school.

Officers aren't sure if the child became scared and got rid of the bullets purposely or if they fell out of his pocket. However, in that part of Hanover County, police say hunting is not uncommon. Even older elementary school students hunt.

After the second bullet was found, an email was blasted out to Cold Harbor Elementary School parents. Still, some are upset that school administrators didn't notify them sooner.

One parent wrote NBC12, "This is serious. For a county to purposely hide this information from parents is concerning to say the least."

To that, school officials responded. "When a second identical bullet was discovered on the same bus, school administration felt it was necessary to communicate with parents seeking their help in assuring backpacks and pockets are checked for items that are not permitted at school."

This is the letter that parents received:

Dear CHES Parents,

This week, information concerning two isolated incidents was brought to my attention regarding a single small caliber bullet that was found on Bus 63. Both times, the bullet was turned in to the school administration.  In collaboration with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office, a determination was made that there was no immediate threat. However, it is important to note that the Sheriff's Office continues their investigation into these two incidents.

It is important, however, to remind children that items such as this should not be brought to school under any circumstance. It may be helpful for backpacks and pockets to be checked each day prior to coming to school.

We appreciate your support in our efforts to provide a safe and secure school environment for our students and staff.

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