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Personal data stored in smartphone photos can compromise your safety

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If you have a smart phone, chances are you've probably taken photos with it and posted them to social media. And while they might be worth a thousand words, are they really worth getting your home burglarized?

"That's the primary concern to give the actual location of where that photograph was taken," said Officer Brian Foreman with the Hoover Police Department's crime prevention unit.

Exchangeable image file data, or exif data, is stored in every picture you take with your phone.

"It can include data such as brand of the camera, and also GPS coordinates," said Foreman.

Meaning if you take a picture of your home or something in it, a thief might have a road map to lead them right to it.

"You might show off an entertainment system, put it up on the facebook page, and have that information actually embedded in that photo," said Foreman.

So how can you prevent bad guys from preying on your property? The best way is to disable the GPS settings on your camera. Most smart phones will allow you to do that under the privacy settings.

"It's basically removing an opportunity that a criminal may take advantage of," said Foreman.


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