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911 call sheds light on Metro officer domestic violence charge

Officer Dale Becraft Officer Dale Becraft

An alleged altercation involving a longtime Metro police officer who was arrested last week on a domestic violence charge last week and decommissioned apparently all began over a messy room.

"I just called earlier and my father attacked my mother and me," said the son of 41-year-old Officer Dale Becraft in the recording of a 911.

Becraft was arrested on three counts of domestic assault and placed on leave all over what sounds to be a messy house.

"He was mad at us for not picking up the bonus room and he picked up my Xbox and slammed it. I said, 'You're paying for that,' so he shoved mom in the floor," his son said in the 911 call.

In a police report, Becraft admits to admonishing his son verbally and throwing is Xbox away, but says he's the one who was charged by the angry teen.

"I think it happens throughout society," said Peter MacDonald, a retired judge who specialized in domestic cases.

Though it's cases like this that get our attention, every 20 minutes, a woman in Tennessee is abused.

"It occurs throughout our society. It's just that people don't think in terms a law enforcement officer committing an act of violence against someone that you would assume or believe he loved," MacDonald said.

The retired judge says officers are no more likely to be abusive than anyone else, but they do face tougher consequences if convicted: the loss of their career.

"Any person who's convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, assuming it meets certain requirements under federal law, can never possess a firearm," MacDonald said.

It will be up to a court to determine whether this alleged incident was an officer out of control or a teenager with an overactive imagination.

Either way, the Becraft will remain on leave until the case is closed.

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