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Good Day Alabama for November 19, 2013

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for November 19, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us live from the McWane Science Center to check out the Magic of Model Trains Exhibit. It is open under January 26th. The cost of the exhibit is included in the cost of admission to the museum - and it's free for members.  The holidays are picking up steam at McWane Science Center with the return of the Magic of Model Trains exhibit. Discover trains of every shape and size inside this popular exhibit which features over a dozen different train displays. Every set in the exhibit is designed to scale with the size of the trains. The meticulous detail of the scenery including covered bridges, downtown storefronts and of course, several train stations will keep your family entertained for hours! For more information, visit

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined us to explain a new study on buffet lines. Whether it's at a restaurant, a conference, or a school, all of us eat at the buffet line - at least once in a while.  And if it's an all-you-can-eat buffet, it's easy to load on the calories. Now a new study shows that the order of the foods on that buffet line could have a big influence on the foods you choose. The researchers wanted to test whether food order influenced choices - and more specifically, if it can influence your choices of healthy versus less healthy foods. Here's what they did:
·      The setting: 124 human resource managers attending a conference on health and behavior change
·      They set up two lines of identical buffet items - only the order of the food items was reversed. One line had the lower calorie, lower fat food items first:  fruit, low-fat yogurt, low-fat granola, cinnamon rolls, bacon, fried potatoes, and cheesy eggs. The other line reversed the order.
·      As the managers entered the dining room, they were randomly escorted to one or the other buffet line and told that they could only go through the line once.
·      Observers were placed at each buffet line to record what foods the managers chose. Now, keep in mind, the managers had no idea that their food choices were being observed and recorded.
·      In the "cheesy eggs first" line, 78% of the diners chose cheesy eggs, bacon or fried potatoes. Of those diners, 66% also took yogurt, fruit, or granola.
·      In the "fruit first" line, 96% took yogurt, fruit, or granola. But only 39% also took cheesy eggs, bacon or fried potatoes.
·      In other words, when cheesy eggs were first in line, and when diners had taken one of the first three foods, they were also more likely to take one of the last three items.
·      Limitations of the research include the lack of measurement with how much of each food the diners chose. Also, the researchers did not measure what the diners actually ate. Also, the healthier foods were cold and the less healthy were hot - so smells and the desire for a cold or hot breakfast could have influenced choices.
·      While more research needs to be done on this topic - for instance, with children, in restaurants, with mixed orders of foods - it does suggest that people might eat healthier at the buffet with a simple re-ordering of the foods!

What can you do? When you eat at a buffet, be mindful that the order of the foods may influence what you choose. If you want to make healthy choices, look at the choices over the entire buffet and start with the healthier choices first. For more information, visit

MONEY TUESDAY - Stocks crossed the 16-thousand milestone for a brief time..... but then dropped by down! At the closing bell yesterday - the Dow finished at 15,976.  It was the first time the down crossed the 16-tousand mark.....and the Standard and Poor's 500 index also had a big day! So what does all of this mean for your wallet? Stewart Welch joined us with some advice on where to invest your money now. For more information, visit

MUST HAVE IN-CAR TECHNOLOGY - In the market for a new car but more interested in the gadgets? It's no surprise that in-car technology is becoming more important to car shoppers than ever before. In fact, according to a recent <> study, more than 70% of young Millennial car shoppers say a car must have infotainment technology for them to even consider purchasing it. This year, editors will reveal their expert picks of the coolest, must-have tech features available now to car shoppers. Brian Moody, Site Editor for, revealed the latest gadgets and touch on everything from latest infotainment features, in-car apps, wireless connectivity, advanced navigation systems, rear view and parking cameras, park-assist features, radar-activated cruise control, and more.
BAUMHOWER'S SHRIMPFEST - Kick-off the 2014 75th anniversary of Alabama State Parks by showing your support for the parks and Alabama Gulf Seafood on Friday, November 22. Bob Baumhower continues to be a great supporter of Alabama State Parks. Visit Oak Mountain State Park for the first top in a series of events to raise awareness of two important resources: Alabama State Parks and Alabama Gulf Seafood. Enjoy fresh boiled Alabama Gulf Coast Shrimp, former Alabama and Auburn Football players, BBQ, live music, kids inflatables, & pre-game tailgate fun. It begins at 3pm. The cost for the event is the admission to the park. It will be at the beach area. Kevin Jones, marketing specialist for AL State Parks will participate on behalf of the parks. From Baumhower's Darrell "Slim" Rollen joins us along with Chris Smith and Miguel Marteaga to show us some of the food that will be served at the event!

  - Stuart R. Goldsby is the Regional Hunter Education Coordinator for Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. He discusses hunting season. He shows us calls for certain animals and reminds us about safety - especially using Fall Restraint Harness in treestands. Gun season for deer hunting begins this weekend. For more information call Outdoor Alabama's Wildlife section 334-242-3469, Enforcement section 334-242-3467, Fisheries section 334-242-3471, or visit  
JAN BRETT - New York Times #1 best selling and beloved author/ artist, Jan Brett, brings us CINDERS: A CHICKEN CINDERELLA, a snowy version of a favorite fairy tale with a cast of irresistible chickens and the grand backdrop of eighteenth-century Russia. With over 38 million books in print, Jan Brett is one of America's most popular children's book artist/ authors. For over 30 years her work has brought lovable characters in extraordinary settings to millions of children. Brett's books are on the shelves of virtually every public library or elementary school library in the country (unless, of course, they are checked out!). Her popularity among preschool and elementary school youngsters, their teachers, and parents is unmatched. Jan has a book signing tonight at 6pm at the Birmingham Public Library (2100 Park Place, Birmingham, AL 35203).

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we check in with some of your favorite country music stars! The children's doctor joins us to take your questions! Dave Ramsey's Daughter joins us with some Holiday Spending Tips! Mickey takes us on a trip to the Birmingham Zoo. And Jeh Jeh gets the scoop on a chili cookoff! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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