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Transcript: Saban news conference focuses on Chattanooga

(Provided by the University of Alabama Athletics Dept.)

Coach Saban Opening Statement:

"I think that after viewing the film, we have a very similar opinion of what we felt after the game. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this last game in terms of paying attention to detail, getting basic fundamental things correct, and that we're very vulnerable to not having success when you don't do the little things right. Our team needs to pay attention to detail, have a better sense of urgency, better sense of immediacy, play a little smarter in critical situations in the game, and I just think this is something that we need to do a better job of as coaches in terms of getting our players ready to do this as well as them having the attitude that they can get taken advantage of when they don't do the little things right. I think when we did those things correctly in the game, we had success. When we didn't do the little things right, we got exposed a little bit whether it was in the run game, in the pass game, how we defended the pass or how we played a running play on defense. It's probably good that we were in a close game, which was very closely contested, and we had to go out there and makes some plays and stops that made a difference in the game. We certainly didn't dictate the tempo of the game like we like to. I think it's important for the players to re-focus on the vision of what they want to try to accomplish as a team, pay attention to detail, focus on the process on what it's going to take for us to play our best football as a team, and go out and work every day in practice to try to get it perfected so that when we get to the game we have confidence in our ability to execute. That is where we are.

"Players of the week are Brian Vogler and T.J. Yeldon for offense. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, C.J. Mosley, A'Shawn Robinson and Jarrick Williams for Defense. C.J. was the SEC Defensive Player of the Week. Landon Collins, Cade Foster, Dee Hart, Cody Mandell and DeAndrew White for special teams. Cody was the (SEC) specialist of the week.

"Brian Vogler will be day-to-day from an injury standpoint this week because of a sprained ankle, and he probably won't be able to do anything today. I don't really know what day this week he'll be able to get back into it, but we just have to evaluate those things day-to-day. We have a couple of other guys that are nicked up that may be in black jerseys for a day, but we don't feel like will have an issue of whether they will play in a game or not. 

"One thing I would like to mention is that this game is senior day for a very, very successful class of seniors who have contributed a tremendous amount to the program here over the last four or five years, whatever their career spanned, in terms of their record, how they represented The University of Alabama, the football program and the success that they have had, and hopefully, we have had some success in contributing to their personal development, academic growth and ability to be successful in developing a career, as well as, helping them develop and improve as football players. These are all things that we are hopeful that will help them be more successful in life. I do think that for our fans to get there a little early and show appreciation for what these guys have done here over the last four or five years would certainly mean a lot to our coaches, myself and the players and their families. We certainly thank you for that.

"Chattanooga has a really good team. They have been very successful in their division (FCS). I think Russ (Huesman) does a really good job of finding ways to get the most out of his players in terms of what they can do. His son at quarterback, Jacob, is a really good quarterback, whether he's running or throwing it. They have a lot of quarterback runs and do a lot of multiples of things. They are very good defensively in terms of what they have been able to accomplish statistically this year. We are more concerned right now as to how we focus on the things that we need to do to improve, and we certainly have every respect for the opponent that we have this week."

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