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Virginia State students sound off about ineligibility in playoffs


This is Freddie's first year at Virginia State University and like many of his fellow Trojans he has sat in the stands cheering on the football team all year.

With a nearly flawless 9-1 season many on campus believed they would go on to win the NCAA Division II championship and make their way into the playoffs, but a bathroom brawl is making that goal impossible to reach.

"I mean we had everything good going for us its like we had a great season I guess if they hadn't made that one decision I guess to get into the brawl with the other team", Freddie says.

Seemingly so things would have been a lot different. Christian Witcher also had high hopes.

"They had a winning record I thought they were going to go all the way this year, well they did go all the way this year but like I said its just a tragedy", says Witcher.

VSU students say that even though their spirits are dampened, they are not giving up on their team.

"They just need to keep their head up and stay focused and they will do it again next season."

That all depends on what division officials decide. Witcher says he and other students don't hold anything against their classmates. He says the rivalry of the sport just may have gotten the best of both teams.

"You put two teams and a championship game going against each other in the same area it could have happened to any two teams", Witcher states.

We are told that a press conference is expected to happen at VSU on Monday at 10AM.

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