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Tangerine Landfill closure has some concerned about illegal dumping

Patricia and Mike Motherway make a trip to the Tangerine Landfill in Marana about 4 times a year. On Wednesday, they dropped off old stuff and yard waste. This trip might be their last one here because Pima County is closing the gates to the public at the Tangerine Landfill starting December 1st.

Mike is not surprised: "Oh, I figured it would be closed eventually. We just have to go out further." Pima County says the landfill is approaching the limit of trash it can hold.

Patricia hopes people will not start dumping illegally just because they do not want to commute to another dump site, "you know, you've seen them. They miss the dump, the closing time of the dump and they'll dump on the way home."

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality Director, Ursula Kramer, says they are working hard to make sure that does not happen, "when they close the gates at Tangerine, they're going to be going back, inspecting the area to make sure there's no trash dumped at the gate."

Kramer says even though the Tangerine Landfill will no longer be an option to throw junk away, there is at least five other places to take your trash in Pima County. Including the Marana Regional Landfill. 

For a list of Pima County landfills and dumping sites, visit: www.TucsonRecyclingandWasteServices.com

To report illegal trash dumping in Tucson: http://answers.tucsonaz.gov/quick-answer/where-do-i-report-garbage-or-garbage-dumping-wash

To report illegal trash dumping in Pima County: http://www.deq.pima.gov/waste/illegaldump.html

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