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Breedlove Foods will respond to the Philippines typhoon disaster

Provided by Breedlove Foods

Typhoon Haiyan, a storm of literally unprecedented strength and devastation, has elicited the response of Lubbock humanitarian non-profit, Breedlove Foods, Inc. With the death toll rising, and the multitudes of people displaced, hungry, thirsty, and in a state of panic, Breedlove will respond in the best way possible, by producing and shipping food to aid in the relief efforts already underway in the region.

Although still in the early stages of planning, Breedlove can confirm that within the next few days they will begin production for an initial 40-foot shipping container of food to be delivered to the Philippines. This container will likely be the first of many to be delivered to the storm-ravaged region. While still formulating the details of their response plan, Breedlove knows they will be collaborating efforts with one of their distributing partner organizations currently working in areas affected by the typhoon, Evangelistic International Ministries, which will ensure the food gets distributed effectively to those who need it. Collaborative efforts with other trusted relief organizations are also currently being worked on to help increase the impact of aid to be sent.

No other details are available at this time, but as plans develop over the next several days, Breedlove will release more information as they have it.

Breedlove is accepting donations to be able to produce and ship the food so desperately needed in the Philippines. As always, Breedlove greatly appreciates the outpouring of financial support it receives from the Lubbock community.

Donations can be brought in to the offices or mailed to 1818 N. Martin Luther King, Blvd. Lubbock, TX 79403. Or call 806-741-0404 or donate online at

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