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Collegeville mourns the passing of Maxine Parker

Photo courtesy Maxine Parker's family. Photo courtesy Maxine Parker's family.

The news of Councilwoman Maxine Parker's passing spread quickly in the neighborhood she served. Tuesday night the Collegeville community mourned the loss of the woman so many of them call a leader and friend.

"My brother called me at work and told me. And I was like ‘Oh my god,' it was like I lost a sister. It was like whoa Maxine parker. It was unbelievable," explained Geneva Jelks, who grew up across the street from the church Parker attended.

Vivian Stark was also shocked by the news of Parkers death.

"It's devastating to the community because everyone loved Maxine."

Stark serves as the Collegeville Neighborhood Association president, but years ago she was a part of the group when Parker served as president before being elected to the city council.

"You could always call her. Even after being elected to the city council. You could always call her at her home," added Starks.

Parker was serving her third term as a Birmingham City Councilor for District 4 and recently as the Council President. She is remembered as passionately serving the community she grew up in.

"She was the type of person where if you needed her. She was there," explained Starks.

Parker spearheaded several projects that will impact the Collegeville neighborhood for years to come. She secured funding for an EPA investigation into soil contamination. Parker also led the way to make a new bridge over the railroad tracks that surround the community, a reality.

It will give neighbors and first responders access to their homes without waiting for trains that are often stopped blocking the way.

"That's a savior for the community," added Starks.

Members of Parker's family met inside of her Collegeville home Tuesday night. Her brother said he wanted to thank everyone for their outpour of support during this difficult time and asked to keep his brother in their prayers.

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