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Editorial comments: New health care law experience (part 2)

The following comments were generated from an editorial by FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, which first aired on Tuesday, Nov. 5...


I may be for the first time in my adult life unable to afford health insurance. My husband and my premiums is going up from $586 a month to $12,900 a month.


I'm one of the many thousands who've lost their insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act. My policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield that I've had many years, "Must end after December 31, 2013." In order to keep BCBS I must accept their alternative policy which increases my monthly payment from $540 to $646 with an increase to my yearly deductible from $600 to $2,000...

I have tried numerous times to access the healthcare.org website but , have not been able to get past the initial login to establish an account... After contacting the online chat line to get help with the error, I'm told to contact the provided link and request a paper application or call in.


I am 51 years old, with a wife and two small girls. I have had Blue Cross insurance all of my life and our premiums are $649.00 a month. Well since the new heath care came into effect I have been informed by Blue Cross that our plan was not good enough per the law and they must adjust it, and our new rate will go to $955.00 a month starting in December, more than my house payment... Who can afford that?

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