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Protecting pipes in cold weather

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With cold weather on the way, FOX6 News investigates how you can protect your home from damage.

Todd Huddleston is a technician with Roto-Rooter. He says there are different types of pipes and they all can potentially freeze and burst when the weather gets too cold.

"The pipes you want to be concerned about are pipes on exterior wall. Pipes in home in unheated spaces like the attic, crawl space, basement and garage," Huddleston said.

Huddleston says this insulation cost a few dollars per bundle and it can help you avoid a costly repairs if your water pipes burst.

For your outdoors water hose, if you can't shut off the water line here's what you can do.

"You can buy one of these types of foam covers that will hook on to the handle of the hose bibb. Then there will be a screw or push button that will allow you to tighten..That'll keep wind off the pipes," Huddleston said.

Some people are told to keep water dripping in your faucets over night. While what will keep your pipes from freezing, Huddleston says it'll also make your water bill go up by leaving water running all night. So the best advice is to go ahead and wrap up your pipes.

FOX6 News also visited the folks over at Sentry Heating and Air. Owner Charlie Conklin offered to some tips on keeping your home warm and cozy during the frigid temperatures.

"Things like on your plugs around the perimeter of the house, buy gaskets for plugs and switches that'll stop air leaks. Check and see if you need to replace seals around your doors. All of that is real important, all those air leaks add up to a whole to when it gets real cold," Conklin said.

He also says go up and take a look around in your attic.

"If you have an older home and it hasn't been insulated in 20 years or so, you might not be to the recommended insulation height, that can save you a lot of money," Conklin said.

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