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WARNING: Gas prices could rip you off

(WMC-TV) - You could be getting ripped off at the pump, according to officials.

The Field Supervisor for the Arkansas Bureau of Standards, Roger Frazier, said his team of inspectors traveled across the state to ensure the state's gas pumps were working.

Their goal is to keep Arkansas' 34,000 gas pumps working properly and to keep the pump prices matching the street prices.

However, Frazier admitted the tight budget makes it impossible to cover all of them.

"Unless we start charging for inspecting gas pumps, I don't see us getting more employees the way the economy is," stated Frazier.

Although 99 percent of the Arkansas' gas pumps do pass the measurement inspection, consumers can still be cheated.

Apparently, even if pumps pass inspection, they can still dispense a smaller amount than what the pump said.

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