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Meet LaVerne Billingsley at the Capstone

It's not the most difficult job around but it is a job that requires a little love for people.

Meet LaVerne Billingsley. Billingsley sits all alone in the cold Friday morning in one of the big parking lots long before Alabama takes on LSU at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

"I have on several layers of clothes to keep me warm," said Billingsley.

Billingsley's duty is to make sure the parking lot is cleared by 5 pm Friday to make room for the Bama and LSU fans with RVs. Billingsley takes it seriously, but does it with a smile and a little laughter to deal with some of the responses she gets from students who park here during the day. It is Billingsley who reminds them they have to have their cars out by then.

"Every now and then I'll get an 'expression' or an eye roll," Billingsley said laughing.

Billingsley's counterpart across the way is doing the same thing. So what do they do to pass the time?

"I'll read my prayer book and pray we win and win another championship!" said Billingsley.

As you might expect LaVerne Billingsley is a Bama fan but makes it a point to treat all fans with respect.

"I just like the atmosphere of seeing them pull in and start grilling out and the camaraderie," she said.

Holding down the fort and getting ready to do it all over again Saturday morning, the morning shift that begins at 5.

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