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Former fireman is now a convicted sex offender

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A former Star firefighter is now a convicted sex offender.

Steven Lee Boggs will spend more than 10 years in jail. After jurors listened to three young girls reveal disturbing details of sexual molestation. Thursday they quickly found the 55-year- old man guilty of gratification of lust. And most recently, Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest uncovered more allegations of sex abuse related to Boggs.

Steven Boggs broke out in tears after learning the jury's decision. Rankin County Judge John Emfinger sentenced Boggs to the maximum sentence of 15 years behind bars without the possibility of parole.

Jennifer McCook says, "For as much as we have fought for the past five years, this is the moment I've been waiting for."

The former fire chief was on trial for sexually molesting one young girl who is apart of his family. However, three young girls testified that Boggs inappropriately touched them numerous times. One of those children is Bogg's great niece. After sentencing her mother, Jennifer McCook, says now that her uncle is going to prison she finally has closure.

"I know for 15 years nobody else's daughter will have to experience what my child started experiencing at age four," says McCook.

Now that the case is done, Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest is revealing new information regarding more alleged victims.

Michael Guest says, "In addition to the three witnesses that testified there were two additional witnesses the state had identified that were not allowed to testify about things Mr. Boggs had done to them."

Guest says in preparing for the trial the two additional witnesses were identified too late to submit the information to the defense.

Guest says, "I believe it is clear that Mr. Boggs was in fact a pedophile and that he would prey upon these young children."

McCook says, "My emotion was relief that my daughter and I can move past this, that our family can start to heal."

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