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Impact study investigates cost of losing Hoover school buses

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A Hoover city councilman wants questions answered about the possible loss of bus service at city schools.

Hoover School Superintendent Andy Craig wants to end the bus service next year to save money for a budget that is already in the red.

Hoover City Councilman Gene Smith is spending just under $30,000 to pay a company for an impact study which will include the impact on property values.

The potential loss will leave some Hoover parents scrambling. Supporters of the bus service will be holding a meeting Thursday night at Artists on the Bluffs to help prepare parents for the transition.

"From a budget standpoint, from a logistics standpoint, driving standpoint, we want to make them aware of what is happening if this goes through," Hoover parent Robin Shultz said.

Shultz and other parents believe the loss of the bus service will have an dramatic impact.

"If the study finds what we think it's going to find, it's going to affect home prices. It's going to affect the infrastructure as far as transportation. It's going to boost our position. The question is, what then?" Shultz asked.

Councilor Smith says he has a draft of the study but he still has questions he wants answered before releasing it. Shultz and other parents plan to be visible at upcoming meetings of the Hoover School Board and Hoover City Council to keep heat on the board members.

Alternatives are being considered such as making parents pay for bus service, but Shultz said that would still be difficult for some.

"Some families don't have that. It's going to be a question between food, utilities or getting their kids to school. That's tough," Shultz said.

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