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It's all tricks and no treats at the Jefferson Co. tag office Oct. 31

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It's Halloween and the last day of the month but it's also a busy day at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

"The lines are long at all of our locations. This is our busiest day of the year for the revenue department," Travis Hulsey, Jefferson County Revenue Director, said.

It's the last day of the month to renew car tags. Many are also paying state and county business license fees. Diane Faulk is in a wheelchair and she had been waiting about three hours. Still Faulk did enjoy socializing with others in line.

"It's been a line. It is difficult. I'm hoping next year we could have our satellites open to take care of business," Faulk said.

Some people try to find ways to beat the long lines. A few tried to fax in their tag renewals but that won't work.

"No it's been an option with the revenue department to renew by fax. There are too many variables involved with documentation. We do offer front counter, the Internet, we also have mail renewals," Hulsey said.

Still, taking time out of the day to wait for hours has been frustrating for many.

"It's been horrible. I work every day and I spend more time here. It's harder here than at work every day. Who has the time to come here and spend four hours?" Peal Johnson said.

Help is on the way. Jefferson County is planning to add additional workers and to adopt a new software program which will speed up the renewal process by scanning in information.

"It's going to help us a lot. It's not just going to be a panacea. It is not going to cure everything. Obviously we lost employees over the last several years. We have gone from six locations down to three. There is going to be a backlog there," Hulsey said.

The software is the same version used by Tuscaloosa County. The commission there recently said they would give Jefferson County the software for free.

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