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Fox6 goes behind the scenes of FBI training


Fox6 may be a little safer, now that some employees received training from the FBI. Several members of the Fox6 news team attended FBI Media Day to spend the day with undercover FBI officers.

During the day, the media was able to watch a training exercise where a SWAT team busted into a home to deal with an artificial hostage situation. Afterwards, they were treated to a demonstration of how the bomb squad trains to deal with explosive devices and were even allowed to shoot some of the guns from the FBI arsenal.

There are 1100 SWAT team members nationwide, 13 are in Birmingham with 4 alternates. There are only a handful of women who have ever been on swat teams before, because there are not separate standards for women. They have to compete at the same level as men.

Birmingham's SWAT team travels around the country and internationally for missions, because they have a lot of practice fighting violent crimes at home.

"Birmingham, for as long as I can remember, has been ranked as among the most violent cities in America, per capita. There are lots of violent crime that occurs here," said Rick Schwein with the Birmingham FBI

FBI officers have to pass shooting standards four times a year. Most law enforcement agencies only require 1 or 2 qualifications a year.

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