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Tips to rid your home of Kudzu bugs

Kudzu bugs swarming together. Source: WBRC video Kudzu bugs swarming together. Source: WBRC video

They may seem like a sweet cousin to the lady bug but they're nowhere near as pleasant. We're talking about the Kudzu bug.

"They bite and it hurts," said Jimmy Rockett.

Rockett has been in the landscaping business for two decades and he's no stranger to the Kudzu bug. He said they really started to become a nuisance last year because of the mild winter.

Tuesday, he said he got half a dozen calls asking what they were and how to get rid of them.

"They know winter's coming...just like a lot of things, start migrating inside," Rockett said.

While their bite won't land you in the ER, it is an annoyance. And if one lands on you don't even think about smacking it.

"They get stressed and they start sweating hemoglobin's and it's not good," said Rockett.

He said that stress will lead to a very unpleasant smell.

So how do you get rid of them? Rockett said to use a product that contains a chemical called Permethrin. Make sure the product you're using has about 40% of the chemical. Rockett suggests spraying the outside of your home in warmer temperatures.

And if they do get inside your home or office do not spray chemicals on them.

"That spray may not kill them right there and there's so may of them packing together that they're going to go behind the base boards, behind the walls. They're going to get somewhere that's not easy for you to get to," said Rockett.

If you do see them inside suck them up with your vacuum cleaner.f

As far as what will really do the trick to get rid of these things, well that will give you the chills, literally.

"We really need a cold winter. I'm talking Canada cold," said Rockett.

As with any chemical, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions. Also, if you're not a fan of using chemicals one expert said you can use dish soap. Just fill a half gallon bucket with two cups of dish soap and fill the rest with water and use in place of the chemical spray.

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