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An early Christmas, a boy with cancer, and the town who loves him

PORT CLINTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Devin Kohlman is a special kid. 

And the entire city of Port Clinton knows it. They're going all out for him - creating a Christmas-Halloween holiday extravaganza in his honor. 

Because there's a chance he won't be here when the real thing rolls around. 

Devin's a fighter. He's been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for over a year. His family just learned the chemotherapy isn't working. Doctors say he doesn't have months. 

He has weeks. 

"We want Devin to have the best Christmas that he's ever had," said Alexis Kohlman, Devin's mother. "And we want to make sure that he has Christmas."

So the city of Port Clinton (seriously. everyone.) is stepping up for the middle schooler. They're lighting the city up. They're decorating. They're coming together and they're celebrating life, celebrating the season, and celebrating 13-year-old Devin. 

"I've never seen anything like it," his mother said. "We're really thankful. But it's for Devin. It's not for us."

The city threw a welcome home parade for Devin Sunday night, and Walmart even agreed to fund all of the family's Christmas gifts this year.

"I would hope that if this were to happen to my kids, the community would pull together as well and support my family," said Julie Whiteside, a resident.

Other residents say they want Devin to see the city's decorations right from his window and know each night that his neighbors are standing by him.

"We decided at 10 o'clock this morning that we wanted to decorate this and make something special...and within an hour we had probably 50-60 people here bringing decorations, plus what the city had," said Port Clinton Mayor Vincent Leone.

It turned into a winter wonderland across the street from the Kohlmans' house. Hundreds of residents gathered, dressed in red and green, to sang carols and launch balloons for Devin.

"I'm really glad that everyone came out here because [Devin's] probably sitting in there with a really big smile on his face, happy that everyone came out here," said Morgan McLaughlin, Devin's classmate. "I'm glad to know he's probably really happy right now."

The community joined hands and prayed for Devin, and they ask others to do the same.

"[We're] trying to give some type of relief to the parents to let them know that they're not in it alone. We're here to support them," Leone said. "Personally, I believe in God and I pray that he's watching out for him. I know he is."


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