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Schools examining insurance issues with substitutes

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Alabama has some of the higher insurance rates in the country, which has been causing problems for some Marshall County school systems. The biggest trouble area is going to be the use of on-call substitutes. They are a huge asset to the system when they are needed to fill in, but how much they do so will have to be closely monitored.

Officials with the state said what's coming down from Washington will have to be handled differently in nearly every state. For instance, bus drivers in Indiana are not offered health insurance, but do qualify in Alabama, so how they are looked at by the Affordable Care Act is vastly different.

State education officials said the use of on-call substitutes needs to be monitored closely to make sure they do not go over 30 hours per week on average. The state is recommending districts could use substitutes in a way that will not disrupt teaching, such as bringing in a new substitute every day to fill in.

Officials said they are still awaiting the final regulations from the Affordable Care Act, so they will continue working with the schools to get through the process.

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