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Alabama Appeal! The Southern accent voted the most attractive in North America!

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What do you look for in that special person? Is it their smile or their sense of humor? What about their accent?

While it might not seem like a vital detail, your subconscious reaction to how a person speaks could determine where the relationship will go.

With a continent as diverse as North American it's not surprising that are array of accents are many and varied. From the twang of the south to the short snappy speech of the New Yorkers, which accents make us weak at the knees?

A recent survey by of 2,000 men and women found that the Southern twang', especially from the yellow hammer state, of the south was voted first place as the most attractive in the U.S.

The Southern accent came up on top with 36.5% of the vote followed by New York in second with 16.5%. 

Why is the southern accent so appealing to members of the opposite sex? The Distinctive sound of the Southern drawl is infamous all over the world and is a feature in many Hollywood movies.

Single girls and gals of Alabama, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start chatting it up.

Here are some additional notes from Bright Cherry media:

New York
New Yorkers short, sharp talk may sometimes come across as harsh, but that didn't stop it
from landing second place as most attractive accent in North America. You may have
thought that their directness would scare prospective lovers off, but it seems that's far from
the case. In fact New York's fast and straight talking is actually very popular – especially
among those women surveyed. Bachelors of New York – make yourselves known!

With notable exceptions like the laid-back sounds of California's surfer dudes, the West is
home to North America's least distinctive and most generic accents. However, far from
being a downfall it seems to be serving Westerners well, as they bagged third place in's survey. So the Western states are a potential hotbed of love and romance!

New England
Ah, the Boston accent; one of the most characteristic in the USA. Yes, they may have
something funny going on with the letter "R", but that didn't stop New England ranking
fourth as the most attractive accent in North America according to this survey. New England
scored particularly highly with females; we wonder if that has anything to do with Boston's
famous sons Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck?

New Jersey
We wouldn't want to be the ones to have to break it to Tony Soprano, but it seems his
native New Jersey accent isn't a winner when it comes to love. Yes, Tony may have had
more romantic conquests than we've had hot meals, but his hard-hitting New Jersey accent
only reached fifth place in our survey. Tony may have found some solace in the
fact that once again it was women who reacted most positively to New Jersey's harsh tones.
It seems that when it comes to love, daters are looking for partners who conform to the
gender stereotypes of softly-spoken women and tough-talking men.

Although many people outside North America find it hard to distinguish between the
American and Canadian accents, the Canadian accent is both distinct and different.
Although it's hard to generalize as there are regional differences not to mention native
French speakers, the Canadian accent is closest to that of Midwestern America. Whatever
the reasons for it ranking so highly, this result proves once and for all that singles are an
inclusive bunch, and that when it comes to love they won't be held back by international

She may have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue two years in a row, but
it seems that Kate Upton's appeal isn't her accent. Who would have guessed? Yes, the
buxom beauties native Midwest came second to last place in's survey. We're
sorry Midwesterners, but we're sure that just like Kate you all have many other attractive
assets to be proud of.

Ranking in eighth and final place in's survey is the Mid-Atlantic. Yes, residents of
Mid-Atlantic States from Nebraska to Pennsylvania - it seems that your accents just aren't
considered attractive. But let's not dwell on the negative. Single people may have landed
your accent in last place, but that didn't hold back international heartthrobs and Mid-
Atlantic natives such as Will Smith, Bradley Cooper or Taylor Swift. Yes, there's hope for you
guys yet!



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