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Your Week in Viral Videos: Math, McDonald's can bring you to tears

Apparently, math grades are a big deal in this family's household. (Source: ariamark/YouTube) Apparently, math grades are a big deal in this family's household. (Source: ariamark/YouTube)

(RNN) - By show of hands, how many people knew McDonald's had an employee help line?

Two things on that. One, if there are McDonald's employees who didn't know that, some things need serious re-evaluation.

Two, how many other fast food companies have something similar?

According to McDonald's employee Nancy Salgado, who has been working at a McDonald's restaurant for 10 years and said she earns $8.25 per hour, McResources did more to point her toward government assistance than offering her help with her bills and groceries.

Low Pay is Not OK, an advocacy group for fast food workers, released a video featuring a recording of the call between Salgado and the McResources operator.

Making the grade

On to happier news, another video that went viral this week is a testament to the virtue of perseverance coupled with solid parental involvement.

Aria Shahrokhshahi, a British lad who was never very good at math, brought home a passing grade on his exam - which promptly brought his proud father to tears.

Aria is now in college and the curriculum for his cooking major does not require him to take math.

That's a bit disappointing. Could you imagine his dad's face after seeing a passing grade in a university math course?


The above is an abbreviation for Ohio State's marching band, a bold title that proclaims how awesome it is. We'll let you figure out what it means.

Their halftime show at the Iowa game last week proved they deserved that title.

With flare and class, the Buckeye State's best band choreographed a simulation of Michael Jackson moonwalking while playing his greatest hits.

Dog vs. cat - cat wins

A Staffordshire bull terrier is probably the last thing you want to see running loose while you're out on a walk with your family - unless you like dogs with large jaws and hulking muscles all up in your personal space.

Well, if you have a fear of canines, there's one pet whose bark is far worse than its bite.

Just ask the feline that sent him running and yipping like a teen girl in a Justin Bieber sighting.


40-year-old dad throws tantrum

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