Anniston woman suffers severe stab wounds from attack

Randall Morgan. Source: Anniston City Jail
Randall Morgan. Source: Anniston City Jail
The attack happened on an Anniston City bus like this one. Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC
The attack happened on an Anniston City bus like this one. Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An east Alabama woman is recovering from dozens of cut and stab wounds – including having one of her fingers severed – after police say she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend on a public bus earlier this month.

Anniston Police Capt. Allen George says 23-year-old Randall O'Keith Morgan Jr. turned himself in to Anniston authorities Monday.

Morgan is now in the Calhoun County jail. Court records show he's also charged with felony first degree theft. His bonds total $15,000. His court appearance is set for November 18.

George says Morgan and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on October 12 at the victim's apartment. The victim tells police Morgan punched her in the face and back of the head multiple times. She says he also held a lit lighter to her back. She went to a neighbor's house, called police and filed a report with them about this incident.

The Captain says later that day, at about 3:30 p.m., the victim and her three children, ages unknown, were riding an Anniston transit bus when the suspect got on board.

George says Morgan sat down next to the victim and tried to talk to her. He then started yelling obscenities. He then got out of his seat and stabbed the victim repeatedly with a knife.

Capt. George says passengers started screaming, "He's stabbing her!"

That's when the driver pulled the bus over. The driver, passengers and the victim's children escaped. The driver then called 911.

Morgan then took control of the bus and drove away with the victim on board.

The victim says she crawled to the front of the bus and grabbed the knife while he was distracted. After that happened, Morgan stopped the bus and fled, according to Capt. George.

The victim realized she was in Weaver. She drove the bus to the police department and honked the horn until officers came out to help her.

Capt George says the victim was taken to Regional Medical Center for treatment. Her right ring finger was severed in the attack. She had dozens of cut and stab wounds all over her body. George says doctors have reattached the victim's finger. She's in stable condition.

No one else was hurt in the attack.

The ages of the victim's children have not been released.

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