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University may take away student block seating after poor attendance

Bryant-Denny Stadium. Source: WBRC video Bryant-Denny Stadium. Source: WBRC video

The message from University of Alabama to students: use your football seats for the whole game, or lose them.

Leaders are taking a closer look at seating for school organizations during home football games and now, the SGA President has a warning for students.

Students leaving games early isn't a new trend, but this year student organizations could lose seating if it continues to happen.

SGA President Jimmy Taylor sent an email last week to all student organizations reminding them that they've signed an agreement to stay until the end of the game. But this past Saturday against Arkansas, the seating was nearly empty.

Students who spoke to FOX6 say Bama's dominance on the field could be affecting attendance.

"Sometimes people might get bored just because [Alabama] beat [Arkansas] by so much," Kate Sarano said.

However, one student thinks taking away the block seating would benefit attendance.

"If block seating was taken away, more students that don't have the opportunity to be in fraternities or other organizations will be able to stay and enjoy the game a lot more than they would having to sit up a row and not have very close seats," Taylor Crow said.

The SGA and Student Affairs are looking at photos from the Arkansas game to determine what appropriate action to take.

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