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Scammers pose as Publishers Clearing House representatives

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A woman in Brookwood says a man tried to steal her money by pretending to be with the publisher's clearing house sweepstakes.

But she says when she caught on and called the man on the phone, she says he threatened to kill her.

She says someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House says she just won $850,000. But there was a catch: all she had to do was buy a Green Dot money card and call them back with that information. But she first called the real Publishers Clearing House and they told her it was a scam.

So the woman called the scammers back and was told if she doesn't give that information to them, they were going to find her and kill her and her family. The woman then called the FBI and was told the feds would look into it.

A spokesperson from PCH says this and a handful of other scams are happening all around the country.

"Yes, we have heard of these types of scams…Obviously they cause us a great deal of concern. We're spending a good amount of time and resources to try and go after these bad guys. Most of them are in the Jamaica and Canada region," Chris Irving said.

FOX6 News contacted the FBI for an update on their investigation. They told us they had no comment. Publishers Clearing House has an entire section on their website devoted to protecting yourself from PCH-related scams.

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