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Hoover parents want answers on third party bus service

Residents packed Monday night's meeting. Source: WBRC Residents packed Monday night's meeting. Source: WBRC

The battle over school buses continues in Hoover.

At Monday night's meeting a group of parents voiced concerns and raised questions about the school district's plan to end bus service in the fall of 2014.

Emotions are still running high, and some parents are not backing down. For over an hour, parents voiced their concerns to board members. The topic of buses was not on the agenda, but parents used the public comment portion of the meeting to vent frustrations, and try to figure out what exactly is going on with the buses.

Parents mainly wanted to know about what the plan is in regards to an outside party taking over the bus system, meaning parents would pay a third party for a bus service. However, right now parents don't know who this service would be through, and how much it would cost.

Superintendant Andy Craig told parents they were still in the preliminary stages.

One parent asked, "When will we know? Will we know as soon as you know? Will we know with a week of you knowing? Will it take until the buses are gone for us to know?"

Another parent wanted to know the cost, but the board couldn't answer.

"A parent who is on a tight financial budget can't look now and say this is approximately how much it's going to cost me? Can I afford to do this?" the parent said.

Another parent compared the board to the politics going on in Washington.

Many parents left frustrated, after another meeting of not getting answers. Parents say we should no longer be in the "preliminary stages" since this discussion has been taking place for four months now.

In addition to the bus services, Craig told parents he expects the transportation study to be complete in the next four to five months. Right now engineers are looking at the traffic flow patterns at all the schools, to see if any changes need to be made.

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