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Transcript: Troy's Blakeney talks Western Kentucky

Larry Blakeney (10-21-13)     

Opening Statement

"Got a big game, a conference game in Western Kentucky. We can't show too many fruits of our labor against them the last couple of years. Bobby Petrino is one of the best offensive guys in the county and they've got some players. They've got three of four guys over there that can play anywhere starting with (Andrew) Jackson. (Antonio) Andrews does a great job for them at tail back too. They struggle a little bit with turnovers; I hope they don't stop this week. Anyway, they're a good football team that we're facing on the road, their place. We have a good trip planned. It will be one that won't be too strenuous on our players, hopefully we'll be ready to play."

On tough road tests this season

"They're all tough whether you play them at home or on the road. It does complicate things when you travel, no question. Our road schedule has been pretty tough and will continue to be. We've still got some other trips to make, but this one is of high importance to both teams, trying to hang in the conference race, get a ‘W', get bowl qualified, all the things that college football teams try to do. We're closer to well, (Antonio) Garcia is the only guy that we'll miss; we'll have to take full advantage of every opportunity and player error free. The kicking game is going to be very important especially with Andrews returning kicks and punts. The diversity of their kicking game with all the things they do are very good strategies. Had a good practice last night, lot of energy, which is what I was hoping to see because they've had some time off, some time away from us. I think it was very productive as far as what I saw last night. I'm looking forward to the trip and hope we can bring back a win."

On relying on the running game, specifically Brandon Burks

"He has really grown up and matured. We fooled around a little bit with him last year and he probably learned some things. His only problem has been turning it over a couple of times. He has some attributes, he can run hard and he can run fast, breaks containment. He can run inside and he can catch the football, he's done some good things for us and I expect him to continue to play well."

Progress of team

"No. 1, I think we're playing really hard. Teams across the country are scoring a lot of points. The rules of college football have changed and they all help the offense, period. I made a stupid statement last week that we should be able to play with 12 men on defense, that would make it a little more fair. High-scoring game, a lot of offense. We had a 102 plays in the Georgia Dome. Back to the defense, we've played a lot of man coverage and sometimes it looks like we don't know what we're doing. Playing the ball in the air is very, very important because it's going to be up there a lot. Playing the ball in the air is something we have to do a better job of. We work hard at it, but we're not there yet. We've got a lot of guys on defense, especially on the line, that we can put out there. If we can get our corners settled and get to where we trust them in man coverage, I think that will help us tremendously; that and playing some different looks, in different situations. We're certainly not a finished product, but we're not going to give up on it."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Troy Athletics Dept.

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