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Editorial: Stopgap solution to shutdown

The following comments were generated from an editorial by FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, which first aired on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013...

So, at the last minute, they got a deal done…but only as a stop gap. No long term agreement has been struck in Washington. What happens in 90 days?

Multiple national polls have Congressional approval down to single digits, while, depending upon which poll you look at, 70 percent or more of us disapprove of their performance.

Of course, I am sure all of this depends upon with whom you talk. Perhaps we like our Congressional delegation but don't trust the rest of those guys inside The Beltway. Don't you think that's the same local perspective of folks all over the country? Don't most of those in Congress reflect the sentiments of their constituents?

There are factions within both parties that have very specific, uncompromising goals and their votes follow, making it hard to get anything done. They don't seem to understand that many Americans are not sleeping well while they fight it out.

Political debate is healthy, an intrinsic part of our governmental system. However, the simplistic blame game is getting very old.

It appears a bipartisan group will get together to try to come to some long term agreement before we face government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling deadlines again, in January and February respectively. Compromise must win the day. You win some…you lose some. Or, perhaps we all lose it all.

What do you think?

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