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Anniston PD matches headstones to graves with Facebook help


It's Facebook to the rescue, as Anniston police were able to match graves with their missing markers.

Police say they found the markers after someone tried unsuccessfully to sell them at a recycling yard. The person then left them in a dumpster near that business. Two of them belonged to war veterans, one a bronze star recipient.

The woman in charge of the property room requested the pictures be put on the Anniston police Facebook page. Police say they were able to figure out where the markers belonged when someone pointed them to They also heard from a family member.

"I know at least one person has contacted us. They sent a Facebook message, a private Facebook message to our page, that they're a relative of one of the individuals whose marker we have," said Captain Allen George with Anniston PD.

Police say their Facebook page is one of their greatest sources of outreach. The National Association of Police Chiefs said Anniston ranked number one for cities its size in Facebook followers.

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