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Man killed during traffic stop, mother passed scene on way to visit him

Cameron Massey Cameron Massey

The family of a man killed during a traffic stop visited the shooting scene Wednesday for the first time after hearing that it happened.

Cameron Massey, 26, died at the hospital Tuesday afternoon after being shot by police.

Even though Massey's mother, Jacqueline Massey lives in Columbus, she was coincidentally in Eufaula to visit her son and drove right past the flashing lights on Highway 431.

"He told me to call him when I got in town and, he never answered the phone," said Massey.

Cameron Massey didn't answer because he was in the back of an ambulance. The shooting occurred a short distance from the Subway restaurant where his mother was supposed to meet him. When she saw the tragic scene on her way in to town, she had no idea how closely she was connected to it.

"I passed by here, the inner lane was blocked off. They had maybe fifteen police cars there. So I called my friend and said, something's going on out there. She said somebody has been shot and they're trying to revive him," said Massey.

But as time passed and with her son becoming more and more late for their appointment, she began to worry.

"So I got a lot of phone calls and my heart just started racing because everybody kept saying, 'have you talked to Cam? Have you talked to Cam?' They're saying it was Cam. And I said, no, it wasn't Cam. Cam doesn't even own a car," said Massey.

According to the owner of One Stop Wrecking Service, Cameron Massey was originally a front seat passenger of the Infinity sedan that was pulled over in the driveway of his business. His understanding of what took place next is limited and it is based on secondhand accounts.  He said his employees witnessed the driver arrested and put in handcuffs near the road.  Sometime after that, the sedan crashed into a pick-up truck parked on his lot, and by the end, Massey had been fatally shot.

Massey's mother admits he was no angel, but she said he's never been associated with violence.

"He had been in trouble before and I don't condone it. Possession of marijuana. But they never caught him with a firearm. He didn't have a firearm here. He didn't get out of the car," said Massey.

John Jackson believes his stepson made several phone calls during that traffic stop.

"He actually contacted my brother and asked for the mayor's number around 4:25 p.m.," said Jackson.

According to the coroner, Massey was pronounced dead about an hour later. It's unknown why he was trying to contact the mayor of Eufaula or if that call was ever placed.

News Leader Nine tried several times to get some answers to the family's questions about the incident from Eufaula Police, but they would not release even the most basic information. The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is officially in charge of the case, and they are also not releasing any details.

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