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Fort Benning civilian employees to be paid and return to work as normal Oct. 17


Fort Benning officials announced today, Oct. 16, that Army civilian employees at Fort Benning will begin receiving pay again on Thursday, Oct. 17. Retroactive back pay has been approved, and employees should return to work as normal.

Employees who were furloughed during the government shutdown will be paid for the hours they worked prior to Oct. 1 when the furlough period began.

Once an appropriation bill is passed by Congress, and approved by the President, employees who were furloughed will be paid retroactively for the time they were furloughed. The exact pay date for the retroactive pay is not currently known. The Oct. 31 pay day for civilian employees at Fort Benning will be a normal, full pay check.

Some employees will notice that their Leave and Earning Statement reflects no accrual of leave or sick leave for the pay period ending Oct. 5. The reason is that employees who had 48 hours of administrative furlough time earlier this year due to the Sequestration and who were not recalled from furlough prior to 6 Oct 13, hit 80 hours of non-pay status as a result of the emergency shutdown furlough during the pay period ending Oct. 5, 2013. Based on application of the government- wide rules, when an employee reaches 80 hours of non-pay status, he or she does not earn annual leave or sick leave for that pay period.

When the employees in this situation are retroactively paid for their time in furlough status, the leave balances will be adjusted. (Note: The legislation providing for retroactive pay has not been passed by the Senate nor signed by the President.)

The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASA M&RA) has advised that the Pay Our Military Act (POMA) is both an authorization and an appropriation. This means the failure to increase the United States' Debt Ceiling which is scheduled to happen at midnight Oct. 16, of itself, will not trigger the need to furlough employees again. Therefore, employees should report to work tomorrow, Oct. 17, just as they did today regardless of action taken by

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