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Attorney in airport lawsuit says UPS crash highlights larger safety issue

Pictures showing damage to one of the homes. Source: WBRC video Pictures showing damage to one of the homes. Source: WBRC video

Four plaintiffs suing UPS and the Birmingham Airport Authority (BAA) after a recent plane crash held a press conference Tuesday with their attorneys.

The Aug. 14, 2013 crash killed both pilots. UPS and the Birmingham Airport Authority are named as defendants.

Attorney Andy Campbell further explained the lawsuit recently filed in court as well as shared pictures of damage to multiple homes allegedly caused by the UPS plane crash.

"We believe this is a case that has vital public importance, not only to our clients but to the community," said.

Campbell says the public needs to understand how the airport authority has continued to allow these large planes to continue to use a shortened runway, thus creating an "area of risk."

He says the crash was caused by UPS and also by "the actions and omissions of the Birmingham Airport Authority over the years."

"Acting together, the two essentially put our clients in a danger zone of a direct approach of a plane coming in to the runway," said.

Click here to open a PDF version of the lawsuit filed against UPS and the BAA.

Campbell and his team contend that the runway is too short and has inadequate lighting to accommodate larger planes like UPS Flight 1354, and says it's unreasonable that the airport authority hasn't bought these homes when they've bought all the other homes around them.

He says his clients are in a danger zone that is not only physically dangerous but causes them mental stress, and has destroyed the value of their homes, making it nearly impossible to move.

In addition, Campbell says the damage done to his clients' homes by the crash has "rendered the homes worthless."

"My clients are not seeking more than what the value of their property is before it was essentially taken by the airport authority," Campbell said.

He adds that clients deserve to be paid the value of their homes and deserve to be out of danger.

Since the accident, Campbell says no one from the airport authority has contacted his clients but UPS has contacted some of them.

A spokesperson for the airport released this statement Oct. 11:

"The Birmingham Airport Authority has been served the lawsuit. Airport Authority does not make comments on pending litigation."

A UPS spokesperson released this statement Oct. 11:

"The accident was a tragic situation for UPS, our pilots and their loved ones, and the Birmingham community. However, UPS does not discuss legal proceedings."

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