COPY-Matt Pitt's probation revoked

A judge has revoked the probation for troubled youth evangelist Matt Pitt.

Pitt has been held for almost two months in the Shelby County Jail on charges of impersonating a peace officer.

At his hearing today, a judge ruled that his probation would be revoked and he would serve his full sentence.

Pitt arrived at the courthouse around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. His parents, Larry and Missy Pitt, were able to see their son enter the courthouse from a distance. It was the first time they had seen him in person since his arrest on August 20.

"Trust in the Lord. That's all I can tell him," said Missy Pitt, when asked what she would tell her son. "God is in control."

Around three dozen Pitt supporters arrived at the courthouse around 8:30 a.m. They gathered and said a prayer before the beginning of the hearing.

The charges against Pitt stem from an honorary badge he was given by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. Allegedly in May of 2012, Pitt flashed the badge to authorities after they pulled his vehicle over in connection to reports that an unmarked SUV had been using blue lights to pass vehicles.

Pitt pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempting to impersonate a peace officer. The evangelist says he was forced into pleading guilty. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office denies forcing Pitt's plea.

A group of about 30 Matt Pitt supporters cheered and said "We love you" as he left the courthouse.

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