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Small business owners affected by government shutdown


The shutdown is affecting people in many ways, small business owners included.

George Smith has been a small business owner for two years. He was one step closer to expanding his business until it came to a halt with the government shutdown.

"None of us think it's going to last very long but the more you look at the news the more you see how entrenched our national government is, it makes you wonder," said Smith.

Smith was in the process of becoming A8 certified.

"What it allows you to do is compete with a larger corporation providing the same services. It also allows you to partner with some of the larger companies providing the same services that you provide," said Smith.

The Small Business Administration not only offers people jump start funds but vital services for people like Smith to further their company.

Bob Dickerson helps small businesses get loans. He said Smith's situation is just one of the ways the government shutdown is affecting small business owners.

"Many companies need these loans. They're critical. The timing of when they get them is critical and so the delay of weeks may not seem like much but the delay of weeks may mean the difference between having a contract or even having a business," said Dickerson.

Dickerson said from a delay in the loan process to technical assistance from SBA, small businesses are being hit. Even if you don't own one, you could still feel the effects.

"Whenever there's a lack of consumer confidence, when government doesn't work and our executive branch doesn't get along with the legislative branch and then there's a lot of angst and just trepidation about the whole system so people tend not to spend as much money," said Dickerson.

Dickerson said the real affect of a shutdown in October may not be felt until January or February.

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