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Rep. Spencer Bachus not seeking another term in office


Rep. Spencer Bachus (R - 6th District) will not seek another term in Congress. Bachus made the announcement Monday Morning during an interview with Janice Rogers on Good Day Alabama.

"Janice, I've grown up watching Channel 6 and communicating with my district and people, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell them that it's been my greatest privilege to serve as their Congressman for really the last 20 and a half years. Linda and I and my family we've made a decision that I won't seek re-election."

Bachus was asked to come on the show to talk about the impending government shut down but after the show Janice Rogers interviewed the Congressman in a FOX6 conference room.

In the interview, Bachus also said he will continue working hard for the remainder of his term, which is 16 months.

Bachus is in his 11th term. He is a member of the House Financial Services Committee and once chaired that committee.

Already, potential candidates are lining up. State GOP Chairmain Bill Armistead says a local business man called him about a possible run. He says he's also heard from a local doctor.

But he and Gov. Robert Bentley says losing Bachus is a blow.

"So it was a bit of a surprise, but a lot of people have been waiting on this opportunity to get in, so I know a lot of people are going to be looking at running for this seat. And I think we'll have a lot of good candidates to run," Armistead said.

"I think that does hurt us some, especially in the House where we have the majority," Bentley said.

Armistead expects a very crowded field of candidates who must qualify for the primary next June.

"I think what we need is going to be bold and exhibit some strong leadership in Washington because we're in some perilous times right now in the country. And the Obama administration has taken us so far in the liberal agenda, that we have to have someone who will stand up to that," Armistead said.

Among the candidates already gathering buzz is Senator Cam Ward, Senator Slade Blackwell, Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington, Senator Scott Beason and Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos.

Alabama's 6th District is a traditionally Republican stronghold so experts think Democrats will have a tough time challenging any Republican candidate.

Armistead also says candidates will also have to shore up at least $100,000 just to run in the primary.

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