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Bow hunting target practice leads to lawsuit against arrow manufacturer


The start of bow hunting season is just weeks away, but allegations in a lawsuit may get some hunters to think twice.

A Jackson County man claims he suffered massive injuries to his arm after using an arrow that split in two. The lawsuit is against the manufacturer of the arrows, Easton.

The day of his injury, the alleged victim used brand new Easton "Flatline" carbon fiber arrows. The attorney for the victim, Eric Artrip claims he's an experienced archer who's actually an instructor.

However, when he shot the arrow, it snapped and a piece went right through his wrist and got embedded in his hand. The alleged victim claims he has gone through multiple surgeries to regain the use of his hand.

Two other lawsuits have been filed in other states against the manufacturer, Easton, over these same arrows.

Another arrow made by Easton, the "Axis," has been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission over users getting injured. The Commission is investigating the "Flatline" arrows but has not issued a recall.

"His desired outcome of this litigation is that those arrows are put in place in a safe fashion. in other words, if they are going to leave the factory, they are safe to shoot," said Artrip.

The lawsuit is requesting a jury trial and ultimately compensation for medical expenses and loss the work.

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