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Kidnapping victim dials 911 without captor knowing


Todd County Sheriff's Department officials said a kidnapping victim stopped a crime by calling police without her captor ever knowing.  

According to officials, suspect James Young offered a woman a ride home from her friend's house in Russellville last week.

"He told her he needed to run some errands before he took her home, so it didn't surprise her he was turning some directions he would not have normally turned," said Deputy Patrick Turner. "However, when he left the county, crossed over into back roads in Todd county, then she started getting alarmed about what was going on."

Officials said Young kept the woman in the car by threatening her with a box cutter, but just out of view, the woman dialed 911 and was giving hints to dispatch about what was happening.

"She used the word 'kidnapped', and she used words about the box cutter he was using," said Turner. "Dispatch was able to track the call and determine her location even though she was moving in the vehicle."

By the time the car stopped on Old Allensville Road in Todd County, sheriff's officials said Young had figured out the woman was talking to 911 by phone. At that point, she just started talking to dispatch directly.

"I got there just a few seconds after he came to a stop," said Turner.

James Young is charged with kidnapping, attempted rape and first degree assault while the victim is safe. It's a crime Turner said was stopped through the careful actions of the victim and technology.

"Even a small rural county like Todd County, we still have access to that kind of technology to be able to do that," said Turner.

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