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Some teens, young adults abusing alcohol by 'vodka eyeballing'

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Vodka eyeballing appears to be a new way some teenagers and young adults are abusing alcohol.

On YouTube there are videos of people experimenting with so called vodka eyeballing. Each person taking a shot glass or entire bottle of vodka straight to their eyeball. All reacting the same way as if it's very painful.

"Stupid,ridiculous. Whatever you want to call it. Absolutely idiotic. I don't know why someone would do that," Joel Oglesby said.

Some apparently do it to get a quick buzz. They're assuming the vodka gets into the bloodstream faster this way. What they don't realize is this can cause serious eye problems.

"Shocking. It's like putting battery acid in your eye," Dr. Sarah Gordon, an optometrist at Inverness Eyecare, said.

Dr. Gordon says alcohol is very toxic to the eye. She says our eyes have more nerves than any other tissues in the body, so they're extra sensitive. A solution like vodka with 40 % alcohol can cause anything from major irritation to blindness.

"It could cause scarring...when things get in the second level of the cornea, third level, that's when they start to scar permanently and affect vision," Gordon said.

Oglesby has heard of vodka eyeballing but he'd rather enjoy a drink the old fashioned way.

"I would never try it. I'll let my bartender pour me a drink have it the traditional way," Oglesby.

Dr. Gordon says the eye can't absorb a lot, so she doesn't see how this vodka eyeballing gets you that buzz quicker anyway.

This is not new. It's been around for several years but it looks like it may be making a comeback mainly with college students.

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