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Equipment theft from Bullock Co. Commission affects entire county

Blue truck and goose-neck trailer belonging to the county. Blue truck and goose-neck trailer belonging to the county.

Late in the night earlier this month at least two men cut the chain behind the Richard B. Stone complex in Bullock County on Highway 82 and did their dirty work.

"We had two trailers and a truck stolen,' said Commissioner Johnny Adams.

Add it all up and you're talking about $100,000, and it's really impacting residents in ways they may not realize.

Adams says it's not a question of road work not getting done but potholes, for example, are not getting patched up in a timely manner.

"Whenever equipment is taken away it disrupts your work flow," said Adams.

A pick-up truck, a 16-foot trailer along with a 30-footer were used to carry equipment to job sites. Commissioner Adams says the keys were left in the ignition of the pick-up which was not unusual. The county never thought thieves would be brave enough to do this in the full view of security cameras, barbed wire with the gates bolted.

A tractor was stolen nearby on the same night but it belonged to a private citizen.

Compounding the problem for Bullock County?

"We do not have insurance on the stolen equipment because the age of them made it expensive," said Adams.

We're told local investigators don't have any leads but the commissioner hopes the public can help them locate what appears to be a white late 90's model Chevy Tahoe or Yukon. That is the vehicle the suspect or suspects drove off in pulling a trailer behind them.

"It also had a dark color on the base of the vehicle with a possible brush guard on the front," said Adams.

Two weeks after the crime, Adams assures Bullock County residents services such as road maintenance are getting done but at a slower pace.

The Bullock County Commission is considering offering a reward in the case but has not decided yet how much that reward should be.

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