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University of Alabama sororities begin open bidding after allegations of racism

Tri Delta was one sorority accused of discrimination. Source: WBRC video Tri Delta was one sorority accused of discrimination. Source: WBRC video

The University of Alabama says its sororities will begin open bidding after allegations that some sororities refused bids to women because of their race.

It is hoped that the move will mean more members and more diversity in the UA greek system. Monday night, the presidents of the sororities voted to increase their member quota. This is important because sororities only have to hold open bidding if they aren't at capacity.

University of Alabama President Dr. Judy Bonner re-opened the bid process and encouraged chapters to do the right thing. Bonner says she wants the chapters to seek diversity when choosing their members.

The allegations were made in an article by the campus paper, The Crimson White. In it, they claimed that alumnae at multiple sororities interfered with the voting process and potentially cost two African-American rushees spots in a sorority.

University of Alabama Board member John England has confirmed that one of those women was his step-granddaughter. He has said that he has faith that the atmosphere will change after several students spoke out and denounced the alleged discrimination.

FOX6 News tried to get comments from sorority members but we were unsuccessful. However, some non-greek students had something to say.

"I'm proud of those girls for stepping up. People know that racism is still around and I know that is horrible to say. It's annoying but we'll get through it. Hopefully school will do right thing and nationals will come in and do the right thing," senior Jason Atchison said.

"I don't think it's a problem with students. It's a problem with the alumni. I think it's something has to go to presidents' hands," freshman Jay Edmunds said.

FOX6 News is told that during this open bidding process, sororities will be reporting to Dr. Bonner.

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