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Homewood PD: No suspect in murder of pastor's wife

Karen Shahan. Source: WBRC video Karen Shahan. Source: WBRC video

Homewood Police are continuing the investigation of Karen Shahan's murder.

The wife of First Baptist Church of Birmingham pastor, Richard Shahan, was found dead in her home last month. Soon after, police held Shahan for questioning but he was released and has not been charged in the case.

Sgt. Andrew Didcoct says no one has been ruled out as a suspect. In addition to Rev. Shahan, several other family members have been questioned.

Didcoct says detectives have sent evidence to the Department of Forensic Sciences and the results could take months to get back. He wouldn't say specifically what the evidence is but tells FOX6 the department evaluates a broad spectrum of evidence like fingerprints, blood, tool marks and hair.

Rev. Shahan is still on paid administrative leave, according to the church's website.

FOX6 also asked Didcoct about recent home break-ins in the area and he says they have not found a link between those crimes and the murder.

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