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Vietnam veteran weighs in with "no" on war with Syria

Benny McLeod Benny McLeod

At the Korean War Veterans Luncheon Friday in Alexander City, Benny McLeod spoke on what it means to be free.

"It means men and women like all of you have paid the price," McLeod explained to the crowd.

Even though he is a Vietnam War veteran, McLeod saluted those who fought before him, those who put it all on the line in the Korean War.

"We are free and enjoy the way of life we have everyday because of you," McLeod went on.

McLeod sat down with WSFA 12 News to talk about the crisis in Syria and whether America should, in fact, get involved.

McLeod's short answer? No.

"Nothing has been settled over there. They've always fought amongst themselves, the same way with Syria here," said McLeod.

McLeod says he's mindful of the suffering brought on by reports of chemical weapons used in Syria but it's the bigger picture that worries him, another potential Vietnam, if not worse.

"I call it street fighting because you're on the street. You don't know what's around the next corner and you don't know what's behind that rock," McLeod said.

McLeod of course represents only one viewpoint as Congress debates the merits of whether to get involved or stay out of Syria.

Either way McLeod and those who sacrificed before him in the so-called 'Forgotten War' will not forget the men and women who may be on the verge of being called to fight again.

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