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Ms. Stephenson of Prattville Primary is a 'Class Act'


It's a busy time for 2nd graders at Prattville Primary.

"We are learning all of our procedures and trying to get to know each other and the children are becoming comfortable with themselves, with each other and me." Says Ms. Stephenson, a teacher at Prattville Primary. 

Good thing they have Ms. Stephenson at the front of the class, who always knew she wanted to be a teacher.

"I get along better with kids than adults, it's my passion."  Says Ms. Stephenson.

But she can't take all the credit; she says the children bring a lot of life to the classroom.

"The thing about teaching kid these ages they make my job easy they come into the door with a smile on their face and they are eager to learn." Says Ms. Stephenson.

And her goal is to keep that smile and enthusiasm to learn.

"Some are good at math some are good at reading. I just hope that I pull them along further by the end."  Says Ms. Stephenson.

Congratulations Ms. Stephenson you're this week's class act. 

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