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Tuscaloosa City School Board candidate will contest her election


It has been a week since Election Day in Tuscaloosa and there are still some questions surrounding alleged voting irregularities. Today, the votes are set to be certified in a special meeting of the Tuscaloosa City Council, and the provisional votes are also set to be counted and certified.

Tuscaloosa City School Board candidate Kelly Horwitz has also confirmed that she will contest the election results for District 4.

Another candidate, Denise Hills, may do the same. She tells FOX6 News she didn't think there would be so much politics involved in running for the school board.

District 4, in the area of the University of Alabama campus, has been the area in question in the last week. Some of the concerns from District Four involve accusations of more than ten people registered to vote in one house, University of Alabama students who registered to vote and possibly did not meet residency requirements for the district, and promises of alcohol in exchange for voting.

Tuesday, Tuscaloosa City Clerk Tracy Croom and another election official considered 79 provisional ballots that were filled out but not counted in the election. In the end, they ddin't change the outcome of either candidate's race.

Hills lost the seat for Tuscaloosa School Board Chair to Lee Garrison by 222 votes. She believes students have a right to vote, but she's still not sure how much of a role they may have played in her defeat.

"Some people say it's dirty politics," Hills said. "I must say there was probably a little more politics involved than I thought there might be fore speaking out for our kids."

Horwitz' attorney, James Anderson, believes there's enough evidence to show something happened.

"There's a number of questions about hundreds of voters and whether or not they were illegal voters, because they had not lived in the district for the required 30 days prior to the election," said Anderson.

As for Cason Kirby, he issued a statement saying, "As I have said before, we have a legal system in place that gives my opponent the right to challenge the results. If that is the route she chooses, my campaign will fully participate."

Horwitz's attorney says he plans on filling that challenge by the end of this week. The attorney also explained that while a legal challenge is pending, Kirby would still take office.

The unofficial winners in both of those races say they are looking forward to taking office. There are other Tuscaloosa races that are set to continue past today in runoffs for city council Districts 1 and 6 on October 8th. District One will be between Burrell Odom and incumbent Bobby Howard. District Six will be between Eddie Pugh and incumbent Bob Lundell.

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